Junior Awards


Junior Awards take place annually at the end of the season, and include the following categories for each division:         

• Best and fairest
• Runner up Best and Fairest
• Most improved
• Most persistent
• Best team person
• Coaches award

The Junior Awards also include:

The Chris Buss Award and the Dennis Clements Award.

2019 Chris Buss Award Winner


The Chris Buss award is awarded to a Junior player within the club that has achieved and excelled in the following values:

Fair Play, Leadership, Commitment, Discipline and Ability

2019 Dennis Clements Award Winner


The Dennis Clements Award is awarded to the best of the Junior Best and Fairest recipients. It goes to the player who polls the most votes in the least amount of games.


See below for records of previous PHOS Junior Award winners and Association Medal winners.


Age GroupTrophy NameRecipient
Chris Buss AwardCooper Foss
Dennis Clements AwardPatrick Amber
Under 11 BlueBest and FairestChase Window
Under 11 BlueRunner Up Best and FairestOscar Krause
Under 11 BlueBest Team ManTim Cain
Under 11 BlueCoaches AwardNicholas Mackley
Under 11 BlueMost ImprovedKai Layland
Under 11 BlueMost PersistentThomas Bitter
Under 11 GoldBest and FairestTaj Latty
Under 11 GoldRunner Up Best and FairestAustin Pribanic
Under 11 GoldBest Team ManMurphy Vlok
Under 11 GoldCoaches AwardOliver Maynard
Under 11 GoldMost ImprovedJed Kirkham
Under 11 GoldMost PersistentLuke Starkey
Under 12 Div 2Best and FairestAiden De Jager
Under 12 Div 2Runner Up Best and FairestOliver MacKinnon
Under 12 Div 2Best Team ManMitch Domingo
Under 12 Div 2Coaches AwardJames Hindle
Under 12 Div 2Most ImprovedMason Hunt
Under 12 Div 2Most PersistentFinley Ryan
Under 13 Div 2Best and FairestPatrick Amber
Under 13 Div 2Runner Up Best and FairestRyder Window
Under 13 Div 2Best Team ManNick Foster
Under 13 Div 2Coaches AwardFinn Crouch
Under 13 Div 2Most ImprovedJames Freer
Under 13 Div 2Most PersistentArchie Strange
Under 14 Div 2Best and FairestHudson Weston-Arnold
Under 14 Div 2Runner Up Best and FairestEddie Pedler
Under 14 Div 2Best Team ManCooper Foss
Under 14 Div 2Coaches AwardBrad Rowe
Under 14 Div 2Most ImprovedThomas Kain
Under 14 Div 2Most PersistentZak Atkin
Under 15 Div 1Best and FairestBowen Payne
Under 15 Div 1Runner Up Best and FairestWill McKay
Under 15 Div 1Best Team ManRocco McNeill-Kovacic
Under 15 Div 1Coaches AwardDeclan Kolb
Under 15 Div 1Most ImprovedRhys Vella
Under 15 Div 1Most PersistentRiley Davey
Under 16.5 Div 1Best and FairestArchie Lovelock
Under 16.5 Div 1Runner Up Best and FairestJames Reuther
Under 16.5 Div 1Best Team ManJake Pavia-Amato
Under 16.5 Div 1Coaches AwardHarrison Cook
Under 16.5 Div 1Most ImprovedMattaes Phillipou
Under 16.5 Div 1Most PersistentSam King


2019 Junior Awards 
Chris Buss AwardRyder Window
Dennis Clements AwardBowen Payne
Under 11sDivision 1
Best and FairestArchie Strange
Best and Fairest Aiden De Jager
Coaches AwardOliver Joyce
Most Improved Lochlan Kearney
Encouragement AwardOliver Mackinnon
Under 11sDivision 2
Best and FairestJacob McNicol
Runner Up Best & FairestMax Atkin
Coaches AwardLewis Day
Most ImprovedJames Hindle
Encouragement AwardHudson Hocking
Under 12sDivision 2
Best and FairestRyder Window
Runner Up Best & FairestLachlan Campbell
Coaches AwardLouis Swanson
Most ImprovedFinn Crouch
Encouragement AwardJack Hockley
Under 13sDivision 1
Best and FairestOliver Betterman
Runner Up Best & FairestLucas Camporeale
Coaches AwardJoel Parker
Most ImprovedLuke Pope
Encouragement AwardCooper Foss
Under 14sDivision 2
Best and FairestBowen Payne
Runner Up Best & FairestDaniel Mann
Coaches AwardSkip Barreau
Most ImprovedHamish Joyce
Encouragement AwardRocco McNeill-Kovacic
Under 15sDivision 1
Best and FairestMattaes Phillipou
Runner Up Best & FairestJake Pavia-Amato
Coaches AwardLachlan Tredwell
Most ImprovedHarrison Prior
Encouragement AwardBrayden Michels
Under 16.5sDivision 1
Best and FairestHugh Stagg
Runner Up Best & FairestAshton Kitto
Coaches AwardJake Stoeckel
Coaches AwardLuke Taylor
Most ImprovedHugh Royans
Encouragement AwardCorey Paparella


Chris Buss Award                     Kyle Kerruish (u16.5)

Dennis Clements Award         Lucas Camporeale (u12)


Best and Fairest – Patrick Amber

Runner up – Jack Cook

Most Consistent – Lachlan Campbell

Best Team man – Archie Strange

Best Defensive player – Curtis Alsop

Best Attacking player – Finn Crouch

Most Determined – Ryder Window

Most Improved – Nick Foster


PHOS Div 1
B&F: Lucas Camporeale (also SANFL u12 medal winner)
R/up: Hudson Weston-Arnold
Best Team Man: Zac Atkin
Most Cons: Wil Holmes
Best defensive: Riley Brown
Best Attack: Joel Parker
Most Improved: Sam Abbott

PHOS Div 2
B&F: Patrick Hood
R/up: Isaac Joyce
Best Team Man: Ricardo Medina
Most Cons: Luke Pope
Best defensive: Christian Gogos
Best Attack: Henry Dow
Most Improved: Angus Towner


Best & Fairest                  Declan Kolb                                       

R/U Best & Fairest           Rocco McNeill-Kovacic                  

Most Consistent               Bowen Payne

Best Team Man                Daniel Mann

Best Defensive                 Harry Francis

Best Attacking                 Jack Stewart

Most Improved                Cesar Aoukar


Best and Fairest             H Cook/ A Lovelock               

Runner up BF                       Jordan Conzenza          

Best Team                               Sam King 

Most Consistent                    Will Trevena       

Most Attacking Player        Mattaes Phillipou      

Best Defensive Player        Nick Taylor   

Most Determined               Aiden Konopka                                 

Most Improved                  Cody Grant           


Best and Fairest                       Hunter Window

Runner up BF                           Corey Brougham

Best Team                                 Ryan Jones

Most Consistent                        Kane Catford

Most Attacking Player               Frazer Agnew

Best Defensive Player              Henry Jenkin

Most Determined                      Dylan Abbott

Most Committed                        Darcy Crook

Most Improved                          Declan Cook


Best and Fairest                       Sean Ross

Runner up BF                           Luke Taylor

Best Team                                Corey Paparella

Most Consistent                       Jacob Tidswell

Most Attacking Player              Bryn Carmody 

Best Defensive Player              Flynn Luders

Most Determined                      Fergus Agnew

Most Committed                       Curtis Ding

Best Finals Player                    Fergus Agnew


Chris Buss Award                     Daniel Sladojevic (u16.5)

Dennis Clements Award         Taylor Temby (u?)


Best and Fairest                             Oliver Betterman

Runner Up Best and Fairest         Hudson Weston-Arnold

Most Consistent                             Joel Parker

Best Team Man                              Ben Camporeale

Best Defending                               PlayerJevan Phillipou

Best Attacking Player                     Lucas Camporeale

Most Improved                               Ricardo Medina


Trophy Name                                   Winners Name 

Best and Fairest                              Rocco McNeill-Kovacic

Runner Up Best and Fairest          Declan Kolb

Most Consistent                              Skip Barreau

Best Team Man                               Daniel Mann

Best Defending Player                   Mitchell Irvine

Best Attacking Player                     Cesar Aoukar

Most Improved                               Jack Stewart

UNDER 13 Div 1

Trophy Name                                  Winners Name 

Best and Fairest                               Jake Pavia-Amato

Runner Up Best and Fairest          Brayden Michels

Runner Up Best and Fairest          Mattaes Phillipou

Most Consistent                              Chester Forster

Best Team Man                               Will Trevena

Best Defending Player                   Jordan Cusenza

Best Attacking Player                     Lachlan Tredwell

Most Improved                               Sam King

UNDER 13 Div 2 

Trophy Name                                  Winners Name 

Best and Fairest                              Cody Grant

Best and Fairest                              Aidan Konopka

Runner Up Best and Fairest          Not Awarded

Most Consistent                             Harry Prior

Best Team Man                               Cristian Milograd

Best Defending Player                   Jordan Ritter

Best Attacking Player                     Henry Kittel

Most Improved                                Josh Mucklow


Trophy Name                                  Winners Name 

Best and Fairest                              Darcy Cook

Runner Up Best and Fairest          Hugh Royans

Most Consistent                              Ryan Jones

Best Team Man                               Hunter Window

Best Defending Player                   Henry Jenkin

Best Attacking Player                     Corey Brougham

Most Improved                               Liam O’Loughlin


Trophy Name                                  Winners Name 

Best and Fairest                              Taylor Temby

Runner Up Best and Fairest         Luke Taylor

Most Consistent                             Hamish Dunkin

Best Team Man                               Will Ward

Best Defending Player                   Corey Brown

Best Attacking Player                     James Jolly

Most Improved                               Daniel Cave

UNDER 16 Div 1 

Trophy Name                                  Winners Name 

Best and Fairest                              Daniel Sladojevic

Runner Up Best and Fairest          Cooper Patterson

Most Consistent                             Mac Short

Best Team Man                               Saul Morelli

Best Defending Player                   Jordan Moore

Best Attacking Player                     Daniel Sladojevic

Most Improved                               Chris Broadbent

UNDER 16 Div 2 

Trophy Name                                  Winners Name 

Best and Fairest                              Lachlan Boag

Runner Up Best and Fairest          Max Porter

Most Consistent                              Jesse Tomlinson

Best Team Man                               Joshua Neilsen

Best Defending Player                   Dylan Strickland

Best Attacking Player                     Jayden Frankenfeld

Most Improved                                Thomas Newberry

State Primary Level

u15 High Schools

Bowen Payne, Xavier Robins  

State U16 Level

Daniel Sladojevic, Callum Park and Damian Frietag

Daniel Sladojevic was the leading goal kicker in the U16.5 Div 1 comp and was also third in the medal.


Chris Buss Award                     Jesse Smith (U16.5)

Dennis Clements Award         Archie Lovelock (U12)

Under 11 Trophies

Best And Fairest                             Rocco Mcneil-Kovac

Runner Up Best And Fairest      Bowen Payne

Best Team Man                               Brady Smith            

Most Consistant                          Liam Hamilton         

Most Improved                             Ted Fraser             

Most Committed                          Harrison Fraser                 

Coaches Award                            Samuel Jackson                      

Best Forward                               Cesar Aovkar

Best Defender                               Noah Smart 


Best & Fairest                       Archie Lovelock

Runner-Up Best Fairest       Max Stagg

Most Consistent                   Jake Pavia      

Best Team Man                    Jordan Cusenza

Most Committed                  Cody Grant

Most Improved                     Ayden Pribanic

Coaches Award                     James Harrison

Best Forward                        Max Stagg

Best Backman                       Xavier Moore

Dennis Clements Award     Archie Lovelock

Team Of The Year:

Max Stagg, Chester Forster, Harrison Cook, Archie Lovelock


Best And Fairest                         Darcy Crook

Runner Up Best And Fairest Hunter Window

Encouragement Award                Eddy Newberry

Best Team Man                          Hugh Stagg

Most Improved                         Declan Cook

Most Committed                     Harry Joyce Noorlander

Coaches Award                          Kyle Grigg

Best Forward                          Alex Menzel

Best Defender                          Ryan Jones

Team Of The Year:

Hunter Window, Hugh Stagg


Best & Fairest-                          Xavier Robins

Runner Up Best And Fairest   Corey Paparella

Best Team Man-                       Adam Leydon

Most Consistent-                     Jesse Boag

Most Improved-                      Daniel Walsh

Most Committed-                   Luke Taylor

Coaches Award-                      Calvin Cornish

Best Forward                           James Jolly

Best Defender                        Connor Richardson

Team Of The Year:

Xavier Robins, Corey Paparella

Phos U15 Trophies 2016

Best & Fairest                    Nick Jones

Runner-Up Best Fairest    Nick Crouch

Most Consistent               Aussie Forbes

Best Team Man                Will Day

Most Committed             Sam Lange

Most Improved                Curtis Ding

Coaches Award                Saul Morelli

Best Forward                    Riley Carter

Best Defender                  Flynn Luders

Team Of The Year:

Nick Jones, Nick Crouch, Will Day


Best & Fairest                           Jay Mirabello
Runner Up Best & Fairest       Finn Betterman
Best Team Man                        Mathew Learhinan
Most Consistent                      Casey Voss
Most Improved                        Logan Kelly
Most Committed                     Brodie Henderson
Coaches Award                        Riley Post
Best Defender                          Cooper Patterson
Best Forward                            Daniel Sladojevic
Chris Buss Award                     Jesse Smith

Team Of The Year:

Daniel Sladojevic, Malachy Lynch


Dennis Clements Award              Corey Paparella (U13)

Chris Buss Award                           Joshua Tierney (U15)


Best And Fairest                        Archie Lovelock 

Runner Up Best & Fairest      Chester Forster

Best Team Man                           Xavier Moore  

Most Consistant                       Max Stagg

Most Improved                          Jack Bartlett

Most Committed                       William Trevena

Coaches Award                          Alex Anastasiou

Leading Goal Kicker                 Harrison Cook

Best Defender                             Oscar Tayleur


Best And Fairest                            Hunter Window 

Runner Up Best And Fairest     Darcy Crook

Best Team Man                               Lachlan Hammond 

Most Consistant                           Bailey Giles    

Most Improved                              Hudson Perks

Most Committed                           Alex Menzel

Coaches Award                              Jack Cvitan

Leading Goal Kicker                     Alex Menzel

Best Defender                                 Ryan Jones     


Best And Fairest                         Corey Paparella  

Runner Up Best & Fairest        Jesse Boag

Most Consistant                        Xavier Robins, Zac Hillam

Best Team Man                            Hamish Dunkin   

Most Improved                           James Jolly

Most Committed                       Hugh Stagg

Coaches Trophy                         Will Ward

Leading Goal Kicker                 Bayley Smith, Carl Grosser

Best Defender                             Connor Richardson


Best & Fairest-                          Nick Jones 

Runner Up Best & Fairest       Will Day

Best Team Man-                       Flynn Luders Perpetual

Most Consistent-                     Austin Forbes

Most Improved-                      Alex Campbell & Jacob Tidswell

Most Committed-                   Dylan Strickland

Coaches Award-                      Sam Lange

Leading Goal Kicker-              Curtis Ding

Best Defender-                       Max Porter


Best & Fairest                    Callum Park  

Runner-Up Best Fairest    Joshua Tierney

Most Consistent                Curtis Mead 

Best Team Man                 Riley Post 

Most Committed               Kiefer Sharkie

Most Improved                 Cooper Patterson

Coaches Award                 Casey Voss

Leading Goal Kicker          Daniel Sladojevic

Best Backman                    Jesse Smith/Alec Le-Mottee Robinson


Chris Buss Award – Cameron Buchanan 

Dennis Clements Award – Oscar Lovelock

Under 11 

Best & Fairest – Hunter Window.

Runner Up Best & Fairest Darcy Crook & Bailey Giles.

Best Team Man Cooper Giles.      

Most Consistent – Alex Menzel

Most Improved – Colby Miles.

Most Committed – Jack Foy.

Coaches Award – Jake Pavia-Amato.

Under 12 

Best & Fairest- Jesse Boag.

Runner Up Best & Fairest  Zac Fahey & Xavier Robins

Best Team Man Hamish Dunkin.    

Most Consistent  Hugh Stagg

Most Improved – Calum Oko

Most Committed- James Jolly

Coaches Award  Kyle Kerruish

Under 13 

Best & Fairest- Nick Jones

Runner Up Best & Fairest    Will Day

Best Team Man Austin Forbes   

Most Consistent. Reid Patterson

Most Improved – Tom Huttunen

Most Committed- Fraser Vine

Coaches Award.  Jordan Moore

Under 14 

Best & Fairest- Oscar Lovelock 

Runner Up Best & Fairest    Cooper Brinkworth

Best Team Man Callum Park Perpetual as well

Most Consistent. Finn Betterman 

Most Improved – Charlie Carter

Most Committed- Jack Mather

Coaches Award.  Bradley Rayson

Under 15

Best & Fairest- Cameron Buchanan 

Runner Up Best & Fairest    Alex Moore

Best Team Man Lachlan Kohn Perpetual as well

Most Consistent. Daniel Sladojevic

Most Improved – Dexter Bland

Most Committed- Braydon Hayes 

Coaches Award.  Clayton Faust

Under 16.5

Best & Fairest- Declan Grant. 

Runner Up Best & Fairest    Elliott Dunkin

Best Team Man Jordan Sarti  Perpetual as well

Most Consistent. Tom Guilliford

Most Improved –Lachlan Hall

Most Committed- Nick Bryce

Coaches Award.  Brayden Londema

Greg Keen Award (longest speech by a coach): u/11’s Robbo


2019    Ryder Window (u12)

2018    Kyle Kerruish (u16.5)

2017    Daniel Sladojevic (u16.5)

2016    Jesse Smith (u16.5)

2015    Joshua Tierney (u/15)

2014    Cameron Buchanan (u/15)

2013    Elliot Dunkin

2012    Anton Vizzar

2011    Jackson Myhill (u16.5)

2010    Luke May

2009    Jon Lagonik

2008    Anthony Capponi

2007    Tom Sellar

2006    D. Liang

Also in 2003 The Metro South Football League introduce the ‘Chris Buss’ Medal and Perpetual Trophy for the Best and Fairest player in under 15’s.

The PHOS Seniors also have a Chris Buss Award for The Most Emerging Talented Player.


2019   Bowen Payne (u14)

2018   Lucas Camporeale (u12)

2017   Taylor Temby (u15)

2016   Archie Lovelock (u12)

2015   Corey Paparella (u13)

2014   Oscar Lovelock

2012   Stephen Connelly

2011   Callum Park (u11)

2010    Jonty Scharenberg

2009    Mathew Scharenberg

2008    Luke May

2007    Jack Donkersly

2006    Sean Keen

2005    Luke O’Connor

2004    Cameron Hext

2003   Sam Underwood

2002   Jon Lagonik

2001   Mathew Snook

2000   Jarrad Greenbank

1999   Aysh Simper

1998   Mathew Caire


1998 – (Under unknown) – 1st  Matt Caire 

1999 – (Under unknown) – 1st  Aysh Simper

Metro South

2000 – Under 11 – 2nd   Jarred Greenbank

2000 – Under 11 – 3rd    James Sellar

2000 – Under 15 – 1st    Chris Buss

2001 – Under 11 – 3rd    Joshua Hicks

2001 – Under 15 – 1st    Aysh Simper

2001 – Under 9 – 1st       Matthew Snook

2002 – Under 13 – 3rd    James Sellar

2002 – Under 9 – 2nd      Johnathon Lagonik

2003 – Under 11 – 1st     Matthew Snook

2003 – Under 9 – 1st       Sam Underwood

2011 – Under 13 – 2nd   Jonty Scharenberg

2011 – Under 13 – 3rd    Ben Jarman

2012 – Under 13 – 1st     Clayton Faust

2012 – Under 14 – 1st      Jonty Scharenberg

2013 – Under 12 – 2nd     Will Day

2013 – Under 14  – 2nd    Cameron Buchanan

2014 – Under 12 – 2nd     Jesse Boag

2014 – Under 11 – 1st     Hunter Window

2014 – Under 14 – 2nd    Oscar Lovelock


2015  – Under 15 – 3rd Nick Jones & Nick Crouch

2017 – Under 12 – 1st Lucas Camporeale

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