“We are loyal supporters devoted to the prosperity of this great club, ensuring its success both now and in the future.”

About Us

The PHOS Camden Corleones are a group of devoted fans who are passionate about the success of their beloved club. Their unwavering commitment and dedication have been evident through their consistent efforts in providing financial support and resources to equip the club with the best possible facilities.

Over the past 20 years, the Corleones have been instrumental in shaping the club’s future and helping it to achieve great heights.

The Corleones recognize the importance of continually building and expanding their support network to ensure the long-term prosperity of the club. As such, they encourage other fans to join them and become part of this remarkable community.

With more members on board, they can continue to make a significant difference to the club’s future, and ensure its continued success on and off the field. For anyone interested in joining, the PHOS Camden Corleones are always eager to hear from potential new members and supporters, and they welcome inquiries about how to get involved.

Corleone Investments

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